Youth Devlopment Program

Youth Devlopment Program

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The Keystone FC Youth Development Program (YDP) programs are part of Keystone FC and operate within the Keystone FC Code of Conduct, Bylaws, and Program Structure.  Collectively, these programs will at all times strive "to develop high quality soccer players by providing a comprehensive youth soccer experience."  All participants (players, parents, and coaches) are required to sign the Keystone FC Code of Conduct during the registration process.

YDP programs available include: Keystone Kickers (Under 3 - Under 5), YDP (Under 5 - Under 7 ), and YDP Pre-Travel Program (PTP, Under 8 ). New to the Mechanicsburg area for the 2021 fall season will be a Under 9 & Under 10 age group program!  Teams are set at the beginning of the season.  Under 5 & 6 teams are typically co-ed. Under 7 and 8 (PTP) teams are gender specific. Under 9 & 10 teams will be co-ed  Friend requests are accepted to help with the social development of each player.


As a general policy, Keystone FC recognizes that developmental level soccer program must provide a professional level of technical and tactical training. Accordingly, our staff has worked to create a sequential and progressive training curriculum that will be followed by all of its' parent coaches. Teams will be run by parent coaches and a trainer (in the case of YDP PTP) who will be overseen by the YDP Director of Coaching.

Practice Structure

Each team will be coached by a parent or volunteer coach, following a specific technical curriculum for the age group of the players. Teams will finish each practice session with a team scrimmage. All practices last one hour and typically include 20-30-minutes of ball-work; 15-minutes of ball-work application; and a 15-minute game. All teams will practice one time a week.  Under 9 & Under 10 teams will have two practices each week.

"Game" Structure

Under 6 - Under 8 teams will play in a 4-v-4 "game". During the Fall and Spring these "games" take place on Saturday mornings. The 4-v-4 playing structure allows players to get more playing time and more touches on the ball.

Teams playing at the Under 9 & Under 10 age group will play a 5-v-5 + Goalkeepers "game" that will take place on Saturday mornings.  This 5-v-5 + Goalkeepers will help those players prepare for the travel age groups in future seasons.


Keystone FC has two locations for our YDP program, Mechanicsburg and York. 

  • Our Mechanicsburg location is at Friendship Community Park, all practices and "games" take place at this location.
  • Our York location is at Cousler Park, all practices and "games" will take place at this location.

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Player Pathway - Youth Development Program

Player Pathway - Youth Development Program