Uniforms and Fees - Elite

Uniforms and Fees - Elite

Club and Team Fees

Players who accept a spot on a Keystone FC Elite team are committing to the full year (barring extenuating circumstances), will pay the Elite Commitment Fee (one-time), Keystone FC Volunteer Fee (one-time), Team Fees (upfront or in installments) Club Fee upfront or in installments, and purchase a uniform kit every two years.

2013 (U9) - 2012 (U10) $200 $30/Season $500-$800 $760-$1060
2011 (U11) - 2010 (U12) $200 $30/Season $700-$920 $960-$1180
2009 (U13) - 2008 (U14) $200 $30/Season $900-$1240 $1160-$1500
2007 (U15) - 2003 (U19) $200 $30/Season $900-$1240 $1160-$1500






*Team fees vary based on league fees, tournament fees, and coaching fees. Each team has an individualized budget and schedule that is shared with all parents prior to commitment to the team. 

Installments - Elite


  • Commitment Fee - Variable. Approximately June 1
  • Installment #1 - July 15
  • Installment #2 - September 15
  • Installment #3 - November 15
  • Installment #4 - January 15
  • Installment #5 - March 15

Uniforms - Elite


Fall 2019 was the first of our 2-year Nike uniform cycle. Keystone FC Elite players will be using the current Elite uniform kit through the end of the Spring 2021 season.

Ordering Process

All Keystone FC Elite players must purchase their uniform kit online through Angelo's Soccer Corner through the link provided over the summer. Each player will have a set of required items to purchase as a part of the uniform kit, as well as optional Keystone FC gear available through the ordering link. Please note that all uniform items will be offered in a female cut. Supplemental uniform orders will occur throughout the year, with the purchase link listed here. 

Elite Kit for 2019-2021

Elite Kit for 2019-2021

The home kit is White (shirts), Black (shorts), and Black (socks). The away kit is Black (shirts), Black (shorts), and Black (socks). The training kit is Blue (shirts) and players may decide what shorts and socks to wear.